The Powerful
Micro-Framework for Flutter

Developer tools to build Flutter apps elegantly.

Faster Development

Nylo builds on top of Flutter to provide extra utility, structure and configuration. Download the project and hit build to start creating.

Clean structure

Streamline your Flutter projects with Nylo's directory structure. Every project comes with a boilerplate, default files and CLI tool to create things.

Still Flutter

The features have been packed into Nylo's compact framework so you can use all your usual tools on top of the package to build amazing projects.


The Nylo framework is open sourced and MIT-licenced, we welcome any contributions.


This repository is for those looking to build an app using Nylo.

v4.3.1 Release notes | Download


The framework package is used by the Nylo project.

v4.1.4 Release notes | View repository


This package helps power the Nylo framework.

v4.3.1 Release notes | View repository

Some Quirks & Features

Here are some of the tools that Nylo has under the hood...


Nylo provides a router file where you can add all your routes. It's very customizable and doesn't require any fiddling in the main.dart file.


We include a slick networking class that makes writing API Services a breeze. Model decoders make it easy to parse your JSON payloads into your models.

Let's Create

Metro is a CLI tool that allows you to create models, pages, widgets, API services and more. Try running flutter pub run nylo_framework:main in your project.


Secure storage out of the box! Nylo comes with two classes for storage, NyStorage and a lightweight Backpack class for quick access to data on the fly.


Manage your global configuration from a .env file. You can also easily update your font, themes and localization.

App Icons

Build all your app icons quicker for your project by running flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main.

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