{info} You should have Flutter installed from the previous step

git clone nylo_app

You will need to run a flutter pub get on the project to fetch all the packages.

Adding your .env file

You will also need to add a .env file to your project at the root level.

From the terminal, you can run the below command.

cp .env-example .env

Or if you have the Metro Cli tool alias you can do the below

metro project:init

{danger} You must add this because the project won't build without it.

Running the project

Once you have done the above steps, try to run the project.

You should be greeted with Nylo's default landing screen for new projects.

Metro CLI tool

Nylo provides a useful CLI tool called Metro. You can include the below alias into your bash_profile file to use Metro easier in your Nylo projects. This guide is for Mac but we will include more operating systems soon.

Installation for Mac guide

  1. Open your bash_profile

    sudo open ~/.bash_profile
  2. Add this alias to your bash_profile

    alias metro='flutter pub run nylo_framework:main'
  3. Then run the following

    source ~/.bash_profile

Can't find your bash_profile?

If you are unsure about where to add the above, check out some guides online for where to find your bash_profile. The above example assumes it's in your ~/ location but it could be in a different location or missing from your setup.