In this section, we'll look into how you can manage assets throughout your widgets. Nylo provides a few helper methods which make it easy to fetch images, files and more from your public/assets directory.

Displaying images

You can return images by calling the below helper method.


In your widget, it would look something like the below.

  height: 100,
  width: 100,

Returning files

You can call the below helper method to get the full file path for an asset.


This could also be any file within the public/assets directory too


Adding new files

To add new files open the public/assets directory and include your files in a new folder or an existing one.

Pubspec yaml assets

{danger} If you add a new file to the public/assets/ directory, you also need to include it within your pubspec.yaml file under "assets".

You can include your new files like the below example.

Example new file: public/assets/video/welcome.mp4

pubspec.yaml file

  - public/assets/video/welcome.mp4
  - public/assets/fonts/
  - public/assets/images/nylo_logo.png
  - lang/en.json
  - .env