Notice: You're viewing an old version of the Nylo documentation.
Consider upgrading your project to Nylo 5.20.0.

Upgrade Guide


  • New BaseStyles class to make accessing global colours easier
  • Migrate the project to use nylo_framework 2.x
  • Pubspec.yaml dependency updates

The changes introduced in 2.x focus on 3 key areas. Structure, maintainability and optimization.


Now in your Nylo project (2.x), there is a new directory in "lib/resources/themes/" named styles.

This new directory contains all the base styles for your project. e.g. for buttons, bottom nav bar and more.

In the next future releases, we'll add more BaseStyles to make managing your theme styles easier.


As Nylo matures, we want to maintain the core underlying framework, Flutter.

We know Flutter and Dart frequently releases updates. Our focus here is to ensure that we can safely update logic whilst not introducing too many breaking changes.

One of the steps that have been taken is removing redundant dependencies from the base repository.


A lot of code in the nylo_support library has been optimized for simplicity.

Metro CLI tool has also had a big refactor to fix some bugs.

Upgrading to 2.x from 1.x


  • Upgrade nylo_framework to 2.0.2 in your pubspec.yaml file.
  • Remove nylo_support in your pubspec.yaml file.
  • Update the Dart sdk version to 2.14.0

Next, update your router to use nyRoutes instead of nyCreateRoutes.

buildRouter() => nyRoutes((router) {
  router.route("/settings-page", (context) => SettingsPage());

  // add more routes
  // router.route('/home', (context) => HomePage());


Remove any use of nylo_support in your project.

Inside main.dart, create your instance of Nylo like the below example

void main() async {
  Nylo nylo = await Nylo.init(router: buildRouter());


Wrapping up.

You may find it easier to download the latest version of Nylo (2.x) and manually add your routes and widgets into the project.

In future releases of Nylo, we plan to make migrating across an easier process. We don't anticipate launching major releases often and I appreciate it might be an inconvenience to those on 1.x but it's worth it.

Any feedback, please email