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Getting Started

Directory Structure


Every Nylo project comes with a simple boilerplate for managing your files. It has this structure to streamline the development of your projects.

The directory structure was inspired by Laravel.

App Directories

The below app directories are listed inside the lib folder.

  • app This folder includes any files relating to models, controllers and networking.

    • controllers Include your controllers here for your Widget pages.
    • models Create your model classes here.
    • networking Add any API services here for managing APIs or fetching data from the internet.
    • events Add all your event classes here.
    • providers Add any provider classes here that need booting when your app runs.
  • config This folder contains configuration files such as your font, theme and localization settings.

    • font Mange the font for your app with this config file.
    • theme Set and configure the themes you want your flutter app to use.
    • localization Manage the localization, language and other things relating to locale in this file.
    • decoders Register modelDecoders and apiDecoders.
    • events Register your events in the Map object.
    • providers Register your providers in the Map object.
  • resources This folder includes any files that are key components for your users UI experience like pages, widgets and themes.

    • pages Include your Widgets here that you will use as Page's in your project. E.g. home_page.dart.
    • themes By default, you'll find two themes here for light and dark mode but you can add more.
    • widgets Any widgets you need to create can be inserted here like a date_picker_widget.dart file.
  • routes This folder includes any files relating to routing.

    • router.dart The default router for your application where you can add routes.

Public assets

Public assets can be found in the public/assets. This directory is used for images, fonts and more files that you may want to include in your project.

It's important to add any new files into the pubspec.yaml file too.

  • app_icon This is used for generating app_icons for the project.
  • images Include any images here in this directory.
  • fonts Add any custom fonts here.

Retrieving an image asset

You can use the normal standard way in Flutter by running the following:

  height: 50,
  width: 50,

Or you can use getImageAsset(String key) helper

  height: 50,
  width: 50,

In this example, our public/assets/images/ directory has one file nylo_logo.png.

  • public/assets/images/nylo_logo.png

Retrieving a public asset

You can get any public asset using getPublicAsset(String key)

_controller = VideoPlayerController.asset(
  ..initialize().then((_) {
    setState(() {});

In this example, our public/assets/videos/ directory has one file intro.mp4.

  • public/assets/images/intro.mp4