Introduction to Providers

In Nylo, providers are booted initially from your main.dart file when your application runs. All your providers reside in /lib/app/providers/*, you can modify these files or create your providers using Metro.

Providers can be used when you need to initialize a class, package or create something before the app initially loads. I.e. the route_provider.dart class is responsible for adding all the routes to Nylo.

Deep dive

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:flutter_app/bootstrap/app.dart';
import 'package:nylo_framework/nylo_framework.dart';
import 'bootstrap/boot.dart';

void main() async {
  Nylo nylo = await Nylo.init(setup: Boot.nylo, setupFinished: Boot.finished); // This is where providers are booted

      navigatorKey: NyNavigator.instance.router.navigatorKey,
      onGenerateRoute: nylo.router!.generator(),
      debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,


  • Boot.Nylo will loop through your registered providers inside config/providers.dart file and boot them.

  • Boot.Finished is called straight after "Boot.Nylo" is finished, this method will bind the Nylo instance to Backpack with the value 'nylo'.

E.g.'nylo'); // Nylo instance

Create a new Provider

You can create new providers by running the below command in the terminal.

flutter pub run nylo_framework:main make:provider cache_provider

Provider Object

Your provider will have one method boot(Nylo nylo), in this method you can call any logic that needs to be run before Flutter runs your application.

Example: lib/app/providers/app_provider.dart

class AppProvider implements NyProvider {

  boot(Nylo nylo) async {
    await NyLocalization.instance.init(
        localeType: localeType,
        languageCode: languageCode,
        languagesList: languagesList,
        assetsDirectory: assetsDirectory,
        valuesAsMap: valuesAsMap);

    return nylo;

The boot method also provides an instance of the Nylo object as an argument.

Inside the boot method, you must return an instance of Nylo or null like the above.