Slates are packages you can download from to quickly scaffold your app.

Once you install your slate package, you can run from the terminal using the publish:all command. Each package you install will use a different command to publish all the files.

Here's an example below, i.e. installing the ny_auth_slate.

dart run nylo_framework:main publish:slate example_slate_package
// or with Metro 
metro publish:slate example_slate_package

Download a fresh copy of Nylo and try it in your project ny_auth_slate

Creating a Slate package

You can build a new Slate package by first using our public template here to get started.

Navigate to the my_slate_template.dart file and modify the run() method.

List<NyTemplate> run() => [
      /// Example
        name: "login_page", // name of the file
        saveTo: pagesFolder, // folder to save to
        pluginsRequired: [], // dependencies that are required for the stub
        stub: stubLoginPage(), // stub you want to generate in you /stubs directory

    /// add more templates...

Once you've built your Slate package, publish it to as a package for the community to download.