What is Nylo?


Nylo is a micro-framework for Flutter which is designed to help simplify app development. Every project provides a simple boilerplate to help you build apps easier. Nylo is an open source and MIT-licenced too, so you can freely build your projects.

New installs of Nylo contain standardized file structure and config, so you can jump straight into developing your project.

New to Flutter?

A great place to start learning Flutter is through the Flutter website. They have tons of documentation to help you understand how things work from the core.

You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates, tutorials and information on Flutter.

Maintenance and release schedule

The release schedule for Nylo will be once or twice a year if there are breaking changes in the upcoming releases. Bugs will be dealt with ad hoc via the GitHub repositories.

The Nylo framework and support repository follow Semantic Versioning.

Framework dependencies

Nylo's framework + support library use the below open source libraries:

url_launcher validated
google_fonts flutter_styled_toast
flutter_launcher_icons animate_do
theme_provider collection
intl equatable
flutter_secure_storage cli_dialog
flutter_dotenv flutter_dotenv
page_transition pull_to_refresh_flutter3
args pretty_dio_logger
analyzer skeletonizer
recase dio


Here's a shout out to the contributors who have helped build Nylo! If you've contributed, reach out via to request us to add you here.