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Consider upgrading your project to Nylo 5.20.0.



Slates are packages you can download from to quickly scaffold your app.

Once you install your slate package, you can run from the terminal using the publish:all command. Each package you install will use a different command to publish all the files.

Here's an example below, i.e. installing the ny_auth_slate.

dart run nylo_framework:main publish:slate example_slate_package
// or with Metro 
metro publish:slate example_slate_package

Download a fresh copy of Nylo and try it in your project ny_auth_slate

Creating a Slate package

You can build a new Slate package by first using our public template here to get started.

Navigate to the my_slate_template.dart file and modify the run() method.

List<NyTemplate> run() => [
      /// Example
        name: "login_page", // name of the file
        saveTo: pagesFolder, // folder to save to
        pluginsRequired: [], // dependencies that are required for the stub
        stub: stubLoginPage(), // stub you want to generate in you /stubs directory

    /// add more templates...

Once you've built your Slate package, publish it to as a package for the community to download.